Hi, I'm Lewis.


My wife Carla and I lived for 12 years on the Big Island of Hawaii in the small town of Holualoa. We lived a calm, simple life with our two dogs and our cat.


For Christmas of 2014 my wife gave me a guitar. At that time I was recovering from a series of work injuries and at a crossroads in my life. Physically I could no longer do the work that I loved. However as a journeyman carpenter I had acquired many skills in woodworking that I hoped not to set aside. It was then that the dream of becoming a luthier was born. It was a perfect fit, I could continue in woodworking in a field that would utilized my skills, challenge my ability and satisfy my desire for detail and quality in my work.


So I began setting up my shop and even acquired some extra fancy Koa wood. However, it was not until I found a local luthier that I built my first ukulele under his guidance. A Koa tenor ukulele with maple bindings.

We now live in Arizona where I will continue to build the finest musical instruments for people to enjoy!

Thank you for visiting my website, please click on the contact page for any questions.



  • Draxlir Ukulele

Handcrafted by Lewis S Draxlir ~ 808-345-0200 

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